The Compleat Dancing Master

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The Compleat Dancing Master
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John Kirkpatrick & Ashley Hutchings

The Compleat Dancing Master. Hutchings/Kirkpatrick

The Compleat Dancing Master
John Kirkpatrick & Ashley Hutchings

Island HELP 17 (LP, UK, 1974)
Antilles AN-7003 (LP, US, 19??)
Hannibal HNBL 4416 (LP, UK, 1984)
Carthage CGLP 4416 (LP, US, 1984)
Fledg'ling Recordings FLED 3038 (CD, UK, September 2002)

Album compiled and produced by
John Kirkpatrick and Ashley Hutchings
Engineered by Vic Gamm at Sound Techniques and Air Studios, London
Mastering by John Smith at Apple
Album Cover designed by Dennis Evans at Devonshire Studios

Sleeve Notes

The Beginning of the World

Philip Pickett - bagpipes and bass crumhorns
Bert Cleaver - pipe and tabor
John Kirkpatrick - button accordion
Simon Nicol - electric guitar
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Roger Swallow - drums

The Romaunt of the Rose

Gary Watson as Geoffrey Chaucer (reading from The Romaunt of the Rose)


Rod Skeaping - rebecs
Jeremy Montagu - tambourine
Roger Swallow - triangle

Percussion Bridge

Roger Swallow, Jeremy Montagu, Dave Mattacks, John Kirkpatrick - percussion


Rod Skeaping - rebec
John Kirkpatrick - regal
Peter Knight - fiddle
Simon Nicol - electric guitar
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Dave Mattacks - drums
Roger Swallow - tabor
Jeremy Montagu - nakers


Bernard Hepton as the Puritan William Prynne (reading from Histriomastix)


Francis Baines - hurdy-gurdy

Cuckolds All Awry

Sue Harris - oboes
Simon Nicol - electric and acoustic guitars
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Roger Swallow - drums

Oboe parts arranged by John Kirkpatrick

The Dashing White Sergeant / The Devil among the Tailors

'Twas a very dark afternoon, and by the end of the sermon all you could see of the inside of the church were the pa'son's two candles alongside of him in the pulpit, and his spaking face behind 'em. The sermon being ended at last, the pa'son gi'ed out the Evening Hymn. But no quire set about sounding up the tune, and the people began to turn their heads to learn the reason why, and then Levi Limpet, a boy who sat in the gallery, nudged Timothy and Nicholas, and said, ``Begin! Begin!''

``Hey? What?'' says Nicholas, starting up; and the church being so dark and his head so muddled he thought he was at the party they had played at all the hight before, and away he went, bow and fiddle, at ``The Devil among the Tailors,'' the favourite jig of our neighbourhood at that time. The rest of the band, being in the same state of mind and nothing doubting, followed their leader with all their strength, according to custom. They poured out that there tune till the lower bass notes of ``The Devil among the Tailors'' made the cobwebs in the roof shiver like ghosts; then Nicholas, seeing nobody moved, shouted out as he scraped (in his usual commanding way at dances when the folk didn't know the figures), ``Top couples cross hands! And when I make the fiddle squeak at the end, every man kiss his partner under the mistletoe!''

... Then the unfortunate church band came to their senses, and remembered where they were; and 'twas a sight to see Nicholas Puddingcome and Timothy Thomas and John Biles creep down the gallery stairs with their fiddles under their arms, and poor Dan'l Hornhead with his serpent, and Robert Dowdle with his clarionet, all looking as little as ninepins; and out they went. The pa'son might have forgi'ed 'em when he learned the truth o't, but the squire would not. That very week he sent for a barrel-organ that would play two-and-twenty new psalm-tunes, so exact and particular, that, however sinful inclined you was, you could play nothing but psalm-tunes whatsomever. He had a really respectable man to turn the winch, as I said, and the old players played no more. ...

(From Absent Mindedness in a Parish Choir by Thomas Hardy)

Sue Harris - oboe
Richard Harvey - clarinet
Rod Skeaping - tenor viol
Adam Skeaping - bass viol
Alan Lumsden - serpent
Jeremy Montagu - side drum
Roger Swallow - bass drum

Additional arranging by Richard Harvey

Much Ado About Nothing

Sarah Badel as Beatrice (in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing)

Haste To The Wedding

John Kirkpatrick - anglo concertina and button accordion
Terry Potter - mouth organ
Dave Kettlewell - hammer dulcimer
Alan Ward - cello
Simon Nicol - electric guitar
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Roger Swallow - drums and tambourine

The Triumph

John Kirkpatrick - anglo concertina
Terry Potter - mouth organ
Dave Kettlewell - clarinet
Alan Ward - cello
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Simon Nicol - drums

Off She Goes

Terry Potter - mouth organ
John Kirkpatrick - anglo concertina
Dave Kettlewell - piano
Simon Nicol - electric guitar
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Roger Swallow - drums
Dave Mattacks - temple blocks

Analysis of Beauty

Michael Gough as William Hogarth (reading from Analysis of Beauty)

Long Odds / Mr. Cosgill's Delight

Fanny Warnock - spinet
Peter Knight - fiddle
Simon Nicol - electric guitar
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Dave Mattacks - drums and tambourine

Sketches by Boz

Michael Hordern as Charles Dickens (reading from Sketches by Boz)

Bonny Breastknot / Double Lead Through

John Kirkpatrick - anglo concertina
Ray Warleigh - alto saxophone
Simon Nicol - electric guitar
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Dave Mattacks - drums

Barley Break / Cushion Dance

Bert Cleaver - pipe and tabor
John Kirkpatrick - regal
Simon Nicol - electric and acoustic guitars
Ashley Hutchings - bass guitar
Dave Mattacks - drums


Alec McCowen as Arbeau and Ian Ogilvy as Capriol (reading from Orchesographie)

The Hare's Maggot

The Jaye Consort of Viols:
Francis Baines - treble viol
Elisabeth Baines - treble viol
Loni Patt - tenor viol
Peter Vel - bass viol

Sir Roger De Coverley

Tout Ensemble!

the music you hear:
The Beginning of the World
from The Compleat Dancing Master

the name nakers is pronounced
"knackers", not "nay-kers"

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