Sway With Me

Caught Riding A Bicycle.....
The Alchemist Of Electric Morris
Fairport Convention
Steeleye Span
No Roses
Battle of the Field
The Compleat Dancing Master
The Etchingham Steam Band
Morris On
The Prospect Before Us
Live At The BBC: 1977/1982
Rattlebone and Ploughjack
Kickin' Up The Sawdust
Rise Up Like The Sun
Lark Rise To Candleford
Light Shining
Shuffle Off !
Under The Rose
A Christmas Present From The Albion Band
Stella Maris
The Wild Side Of Town
Live At The Cambridge Folk Festival
I Got New Shoes
An Hour with Cecil Sharp & Ashley Hutchings
Give Me a Saddle, I'll Trade You a Car
Sway With Me
Before Us Stands Yesterday
Christmas Album
Along The Downs
Street Cries
The BBC Sessions
An Evening With The Albion Band
Human Nature
As I Cycled Out On A May Morning
Visions of The Daughters of Albion
The Albion Band: The Final Round Up
Some Colours Fly
The Knitting Song and About Dawn
Rainbow Chasers Alive and Well
A Brilliant Light
The Albion Christmas Band
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Sway With Me
A Celebration of the Tree and Its Offspring
Judy Dunlop and Ashley Hutchings

Albino ALB007 (CD, UK, 1991)
Road Goes On Forever RGFCD008 (CD, UK)
Talking Elephant TECD080 (CD, UK, 20 June 2005)

the composers

Tree / The Oak (Steve Knightley) / Pierce The Screen (Ashley Hutchings) / Thirlmere, February 1922 (Geoffrey Hodson) / Morning Of High Silence (Cathy LeSurf) / Achren's Riddle (Judy Dunlop) / Hanging Tree (Ashley Hutchings / Dave Wood) / The Fallen Elm (John Clare) / The Woodlands Of England (Ashley Hutchings / Dave Whetstone) / Hazelnutting / Green City (Frank Sutton) / Dialogue From A Canterbury Tale(Powell, Pressburger) / Turn The Lathe Gently (Ashley Hutchings) / Wood-Burning Rhyme (Anon) / The Charcoal-Burner (Sir Edmund Gosse / Ric Sanders) / Burning Up (Ric Sanders) / The Willow (Julie Matthews) / Mannikins (Geoffrey Hodson) / The Bee And The Butterfly (Chris Dunin / Jon H. Stoppard) / Thanks Trees! / Sway With Me (Dave Whetstone) / Apple Pie

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1. Tree 1:05
2. Oak 3:33
3. Pierce the Screen 3:40

4. Thirlmere, February, 1922 1:00

5. Morning of High Silence 3:45
6. Achren's Riddle 1:18

7. Hanging Tree 2:56
Fallen Elm 1:41
10. Hazel-Nutting 1:08
11. Green City 4:16

13. Turn the Lathe Gently 3:19
14. Wood-Burning Rhyme :54
15. Charcoal-Burner/Burning Up 5:47
16. Willow 6:36
17. Mannikins 1:02
18. The Bee and The Butterfly 3:03
19. Thanks Trees! 1:21
20. Sway with Me 5:48

21. Apple Pie :21

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