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light shining 1982
Albino ALB001 (LP, UK, 1982)

Light Shining
The Albion Band

Albino ALB001 (LP, UK, 1982)

Recorded August-September 1982 at Beech House Recorders, Deal, Kent
Engineer: Barry Gibbons
A Pukka Music Project
Produced by: Ashley Hutchings
Associate Producer: Dave Mattacks
Mixed by: Jerry Boyes at Livingstone Studios, Wood Green, London

Cathy Lesurf, vocals;
Jean-Pierre Rasle, vocals, bagpipes, crumhorn, recorder, Northumbrian pipes;
Simon Nicol, vocals, guitar, dulcimer, keyboards;
Dave Whetstone, vocals, melodeon, concertina, guitar;
Ashley Hutchings, vocals, bass guitar;
John Maxwell, vocals, drums, percussion;
Dave Mattacks, drums, synthesiser;
Mary Miller, spoken words on [2];
Bill Martin, synthesisers on [4];
Karen Bullen, Lyn King, vocals on [8]

(Lyrics by Ashley Hutchings)

The boast of heraldry the pomp of power
And all that beauty and all that wealth ere gave
Awaits alike the inevitable hour the paths of glory lead but to the grave…..
Thomas Gray's Elegy Written On a Country Church Yard

The fleet was a floating forest spread before me on the Thames
And Greenwich bells saluted all her fine departing sons
I stood upon the hillside, my spyglass misted ore and I
Turned to make my way to home once more

Oh to cross the line and defy the time forever
To take the path of happiness and walk away the pain
If for one last time you could hold these hands together
Content to scale the heights of home again

It's hard to lose your loved one to a nation's grateful heart
For now you are her sweetheart and you never more shall part
Your virtue she may trade on and your likeness she may buy
But she'll not hold you any more than I


Last night I dreamt you lay with me with your head upon my breast
You had no thought of trading me for glory in the west
The park was then our Eden and the stars our guileless game
We charted them until the comet came


This land may want you for a hero
She can call her very own
To glory you in battle and to honor you in stone
I have no need of gratitude and praise and nothing more
I want my love beside me as before



side one

Light Shining (5:25)

Wolfe (5:25)

London Dance Song Medley (5:57)
a. Pell Mell in Pall Mall
b. The Kensington Square Square Dance
c. (Do) the Aldwych

The Green Mist (6:16)

side two

(Love Is Like a) Railway Station (3:20)

Swift Nick (4:50)

Always Chasing Rainbows (4:37)

Sisters (of Mercy) (3:32)

Beware of Blue (6:31)

Tracks 1, 3b/c, 5-7, 9 Ashley Hutchings, Dave Whetstone
Track 2 Ashley Hutchings
Track 3a Ashley Hutchings, Jean-Pierre Rasle
Track 4 Cathy Lesurf
Track 8 Ashley Hutchings, Lyn King, Dave Whetstone

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